Current Information

Ripening Chart

(Weather Can Change Dates)

2016 no pick on peaches due to cold temps in the spring

Sweet Cherries-June 22-July 15- U-Pick also. Many black varieties, Emperor Francis & Rainier

Apricots-July 1-30 No U-Pick

Tart Cherries-July 3-15

Black Raspberries-July 8-25 No U-Pick

Blueberries & Blackberries-July 8-30, No U-Pick

Red Raspberries-Late June & again September, No-Upick

Plums-Throughout summer

Early Peaches-July 10-Aug 1, No Upick

Freestone Peaches-U-Pick as available
Red Haven- Aug 4-13
Summer Prince-Aug 18
White- Call for ripening dates
Flamin Fury-Sept 1-20

Apples-U-Pick starting date for 2 weeks, end
date is how long they are for sale, (approx.)
Lodi-July 10-July 30 No Upick
Early Gold-July 24-Aug 10
Paula Red-July 26-Aug 18
Ginger Gold-July 31-Aug 18
Zestar-Aug 15-Aug 30
Gala-Aug 26-Nov 20
Mc Intosh-Aug 26-Dec 10
Jonathan-Sept 4-Feb 15
Cortland-Sept 4-Jan 15
Honey Crisp-Sept 4-Jan10
Empire-Sept 18-Nov 30
Red & Golden Delicious-Sept 20-April 30
Jonagold-Sept 25-Jan 10
Melrose-Oct 1-Oct 15
Ida Red-Oct 1-Oct 15
Mutsu-Oct 1-Oct 15
Winesap-Oct 8-Oct 30
Pink Lady-Oct 8-Oct 30
Granny Smith-Oct 20-Jan 31
Fuji-Oct 17-April 30
Gold Rush-Oct 25-April-30
Vegetables as available, Mums, Pumpkins, etc

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We grow most of the fruit ourselves so you get the fruit at its best flavor and ripeness. Vegetables come from local growers so it is at its freshest.

U-Pick is available on most of the fruit grown on our farm.

We do wholesale all our fruit. For more info on large quantities call 419-547-0445

*Ripening dates may change due to weather conditions
throughout the season.

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